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I'm James Ellis, the Employer Brand Nerd.

I specialize in helping TA teams in companies with less than 1,000 employees to increase the value and impact of every single new and existing touchpoint. The end result is to make your hiring obviously more effective.

Here are some resources for people looking to build their talent pipeline, augment their talent strategy, and accelerate their recruiting.

You know, employer brand stuff.

Downloadable Employer Brand ebooks

Biotech Recruiting

If you're involved in biotech or pharma talent acquisition, this limited-run 5-email newsletter will give you the techniques, tips and templates to help you better hunt those unicorns.
ThiS is a must read


Here it is.
A collection of first-hand accounts from more than 50 EB pros on how branding work made an impact at their company.
ThiS is a must read

Zero to Pipeline

Now you have no excuse not to be pipelining talent.
Help me build it!

Pharma/Biotech Career Sites

A review of career site messaging at 30 companies to find similarities, differences, and opportunities for talent acquisition teams in biotech and pharma.
I love a good Audit!

Employer Brand Hacks

105 free (and mostly free) ways to integrate, activate and accelerate your employer brand. From recruiting and hiring managers to marketing and leadership, this is like activation brainstorming in a box.
Get that ebook!

Better Social Media Posts

You probably spend a shocking amount to time writing social content. Wouldn't you like to ensure it's actually helping you communicate and support your brand? This guide will make your very next post better.
I need that ebook!

The CMO's Guide to EB

CMOs have spent a long time ignoring what was happening with their employer brand. For the good of the company and for the good of the brand, that end now.
Ooh! That's a good one!

The TA Leader's Guide to EB

Employer branding is the beating heart of any talent strategy, so we need TA leadership to stop seeing employer brand as the "pretty pictures" folks and instead as the "recruiting accelerator" people.
So is that one! Gimme!

EVPs Don't Work That Way

The way most people think about EVPs isn't just wrong, it is counter-productive. But if you understand how EVPs actually work, you can build a strategy that takes advantage and attracts people to you.
That seems handy. Requesting!

Books and Podcasts for EB'ers

Do you need some inspiration and spark? Tired of hearing the same old advice about employer branding from the same old people? This list of people not inside of employer brand space is just what you need!
I can has ebook?

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If these resources spark new ideas to make your company's hiring better, great!

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Hi. I'm James Ellis.

Having spent the better part of a decade developing employer brands and EVPs for Groupon, Roku, Enova, Recursion, TradeShift, SavATree, Gearset, CreditShop, and others, I focus exclusively on helping companies build and activate their employer brand so that they can compete (and win) against much larger companies. How? By creating and growing the next generation of employer brand leaders, managers, and specialists.

That's why Google calls me the employer brand nerd.

Employer Brand Labs, LLC

EBL is dedicated to bringing the power and value of employer branding to every single company, regardless of size, industry, or region.

You can be an employer not just of "choice," but of desire.

If you're ready to start attracting great talent to you instead of chasing it, reach out.
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