Employer brand
keynote speaking

The purpose of a
keynote presentation?

To create change.

Part expert, part evangelist, I will get your audience to shift their perspective on recruiting and hiring. Net result? They change.

A keynote speaker is someone who takes hard-won experience and translates it into a memorable, valuable and actionable package.

And that's exactly what I do.

What are you trying to achieve?

Maybe you need to get your teams excited about employer branding.
Or you need to bring teams together to become advocates
Or you need to teach your hiring managers how to support TA. 
Or you need to get leadership onboard a strategy shift.🔥 
Or you need to train your recruiting teams.
Or you need to brainstorm employer brand activation.
Or you just need to make your CFO happy.📈

As a featured keynote at in-house events for Coca-Cola, Kohler, Concept Bureau, Alstom, Schlumberger, Deutsche Bahn Group, MOL Group, Twitter (RIP), Indeed, and many others, I've helped companies hire better by re-thinking the power of their employer brand and building creative recruitment strategies.

In short, I can get your people excited about what we do.

Take a look at some of my live-on-stage and live-online keynotes here.

The intersection of experience and storytelling

Creating change isn't easy. It doesn't happen because you have better data. It doesn't happen because it helps the company. It doesn't happen because you're right.

People change and take action because you get them to enroll in your vision. You fire up their emotions, change their perspective, and give them the tools to make change.

I know you want your company or organization to achieve more through talent: attracting better people faster and easier, getting them to fall in love with your brand, and stay longer.

Whether it is getting executive buy-in, training TA teams, or turning different teams into employer brand advocates, I can help you make your vision real.

James Ellis is BRILLIANT when it comes to leveraging content to recruit talent. If you want to attract the best talent, this is a must-listen.
He is an excellent speaker with such a depth and breadth of knowledge.
Engaging, and high-energy, he is a powerful voice and expert in employer brand. From bridging the gap between marketing and human resources, to developing a cohesive and effective employer brand outreach, he understands long-term goals.
Awesome! James cuts through BS.
James’s energy and straight-talk approach is so appreciated.
Seriously, I’ve never walked away from a conference session with so many action items that I can put to use tomorrow.
You were absolutely wonderful. Really funny and engaging too!

Some presentation topics

You've heard the story about selling jelly: When you offer 35 options, people get lost in the options and end up never engaging. But when you offer them just a few choices, and they have a better idea where to start. Here are great topics you might consider starting with:

If you are looking for something more custom, I can help! I reliably get audiences excited about anything connected to Talent Strategy, Talent Acquisition Evolution and Employer Branding. They'll walk away with insights into their own challenges, as well as new ways to solve them.

Lights, camera, excitement!

Need to get your company excited about employer brand and strategy? Let me talk to them!

What people have said about my work

"James is an event organizer's dream speaker. He is professional, personable, easy to communicate with, compes with great knowledge, and really understands how to engage an audience by expertyly blending information, inspiration, energy, and entertainment."
- Vadim Liberman, ERE Media and Conference

"You're going to get something different when you get James Ellis up on stage: Unique insight and unique delivery. If you need someone to wake the crowd up with expert insuight and creative storytelling, James is your guy." 
- Hung Lee, Recruiting Brainfood

"If you want your organization to understand the value employer brand brings to your business (and the bottom line), look no further. You are up for the professional treat of a lifetime."
- Maruska L, MOL Group

James has you leaning in with his unique take on the world of talent acquisition."
- Tom R. EVP, Training and Development

"James combines brilliant storytelling and experience with his in depth knowledge of employer branding. Thanks James for bringing your energy and passion. It was certainly refreshing!"
- Michelle J Raymond, B2B Growth Company

Who am I?

I’m James Ellis. Hi! I’ve been doing employer branding for a decade, becoming a leading thinker and practitioner. I’ve published two successful podcasts (The Talent Cast and The Brand Plan), three books (Talent Chooses You, Employer Brand Handbook and Employer Branding for Small Business), and the most-read employer brand newsletter in the world. I've built employer brands for Roku, Recursion, Groupon, Enova, Telecare, and a dozen more. I’m based out of Chicago, where I live with my wife and daughter. [LinkedIn]

What's the first step?

Let's start a conversation. One that will change how your audience sees recruiting and hiring!

Get your company excited about employer branding

Recruiting change is infinitely easier when people understand what they get out of it and are excited to help.

Of course, you can always email me at James@EmployerBrandLabs.com.

-James Ellis

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You can be an employer not just of "choice," but of desire.

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