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You can be the
company people
want to work for.

Regardless of your size,
competition, or industry,
you can be seen not just
as an employer of choice,
but as an
employer of desire,
where the people you want
are reaching out to you.

You can control your own recruiting and hiring future by driving a message that attracts talent, helping them understand clearly and precisely why they should talk to you, making mass cold outreach and expensive ad buying a thing of your past.

It starts by understanding what you want people to know you for, and then building strategies that create that perception in people’s minds.

That's called employer branding.

Every single company has an employer brand that will drive clear business outcomes, if only the business would simply use it. It can shorten search times, lower your RPO and third-party agency spends, increase your offer acceptance, and show leadership that you know how to increase talent quality without spending more money.

And I can teach you how to build your brand and make it work for you.

This isn't consulting. This is guided DIY.

Step One: The EVP Masterclass

If you're a senior recruiters, talent leader or employer brander, this six-week cohort-style class will walk you through the process with confidence. Attend the classes and complete your homework and at the end of the class, you’ll have a brand that will make all your talent acquisition tactics work better.

You'll learn the same employer brand development process I used to builds brands and EVPs for Roku, Groupon, Recursion Pharmaceuticals, Enova, TradeShift and a dozen others.
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Step Two: The Employer Brand Mastermind

If you have a brand and it isn’t making an impact, join one of my mastermind groups. You and four other employer branders and talent leaders will collaborate to solve your employer brand localization and activation challenges.
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This is training designed from the ground up
to ensure you succeed.

james ellis testimonial: better thinking about employer branding
testimonial about james ellis as a coach and teacher

Not investing in your employer brand is like trying to hire with one hand tied behind your back. Once you have your brand, you’ll see how it will make everything you’re already doing more effective. You’ll feel like you’re ahead of the curve.

Get the skills you need and the confidence you want to take control of your recruiting.
James Ellis, Employer Brand Nerd

Hi. I'm James Ellis.

Having spent almost a decade developing employer brands and EVPs for Groupon, Roku, Enova, Recursion, TradeShift, SavATree, CreditShop and others, I focus exclusively on teaching companies how to build their own employer brand so that they can compete (and win) against much larger companies. How? By creating and growing the next generation of employer brand leaders, managers and specialists.

That's why Google calls me the employer brand nerd.

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Ready to tap into your employer brand?

A strong and clear employer brand:
📍 Attracts candidates and applications
📍 Increases recruiter response rates
📍 Increases candidate quality
📍 Supports your corporate and consumer brand
📍 Encourages employee advocacy
📍 Increases referral rates
📍 Isn't just for "big" companies

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