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Your recruiting and hiring become noticeably better when you stop chasing talent and attract them instead.

Employer branding for biotechs, startups, and other unicorn hunters.

Your employer brand is the core of your talent strategy. It helps you focus on the best audiences, increases outreach conversion, and makes more people say "YES!" when you offer them a role.

It lowers overall costs, helps build connections to the business, and makes every recruiter, sourcer, and hiring manager more effective.

And the best part? Any company, no matter how small, can succeed at building and leveraging their employer brand.

Two ways to get the employer brand your company needs

Employer branding for every company

Here's a secret: Smaller companies, because they are more focused, because every hire has the potential to be transformative, because they can challenge expectations, they can do employer branding better than anyone.

Job board and spam tech got you into this mess.
Employer branding will get you out of it.

Twenty years ago, great hires were a job board posting away. Heck, you didn't even have to write a useful job posting and still expect to attract talent worth hiring.

As talent acquisition has evolved, incremental shifts have led companies to spend ever-growing amounts of money on job boards, RPO/agencies, insanely complex platforms, and recruiting tools you aren't getting the most out of.

All while your leaders are looking at your budget and wondering where all the money goes. And if it's worth it.

Employer branding isn't pixie dust that you sprinkle around to make things magically better. It is a way to see who you are, where you are, what you offer, and who would want it so that you can build a talent strategy that works.

Once established, your employer brand will make immediate and obvious impacts, but also drive long-term success. It will attract more of the people you want to hire. It will speed up your marketing process and eliminate internal friction so that HR, TA, social media, and hiring managers are all working together (finally). It will help you close more offers, allowing you to point to a pile of money that you just saved the company.

The future of talent acquisition isn't job boards. It is about developing a strong brand that people opt into.

And that brand is absolutely within your grasp.

Take the first step to better and smarter talent strategy and hiring.

Helping companies get more out of their brand

What clients and students have said

“Whether you are a talent acquisition professional with an interest in employer brand or an experienced employer brander who is looking for tools to set your organization up for recruiting success, this course is for you. I can guarantee that you will walk away from this course wishing someone had given you these tools years ago.”
- Andrea Matrangolo, Director of Talent and Brand
“110% recommend participating in this course! We got so much out of it and James was unreal. So patient, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, engaging, all the other great words! It really helped us open our eyes to what was already in front of us and really promote the great things that we offer!”
- Olivia M., Human Resources Officer
“Thank you James for taking us on this journey. A step-by-step process with the right speed, the right methods and the right focus to find all the valuable insights in its own company. Thank you again, so much appreciated.”
- Theresa H., Employer Brand Manager
“EVP work doesn't have to be overly arduous and expensive; it can be done with your organization's support and guidance from what was learned in this class.”
- Rachel S., Global Employer Brand Manager
“The theory side was clear and concise and the homework to follow up helped me understand and apply the concepts learned. I definitely feel much more confident in knowing where to start and I'm now able to present all my findings to our Marketing team to create our EVP.”
- Isabel Garza, Talent Acquisition Team Leader at Detector Inspector
“This is an amazing tool professionally and personally. It helped broaden my mindset outside of just recruiting and helped me have a bigger point of view for the business”
- Erin Johnson, Director of Global Talent Acquisition at ESO
“If you get the chance to be part of an EVP Masterclass, do it. You won't regret it!”
- Kelly C., People and Performance Manager

Every company has an employer brand that will drive business outcomes. That's not a question.

The question is whether or not you intentionally use your brand. If you consider what your hiring goals are, who make the best hires, and what strategy will bring them to you.

With the right branding, your recruiting gets easier.

More resources to help you on your employer brand and talent strategy journey

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Having spent the better part of a decade developing employer brands and EVPs for Groupon, Roku, Enova, Recursion, TradeShift, SavATree, Gearset, CreditShop, and others, I focus exclusively on helping companies build and activate their employer brand so that they can compete (and win) against much larger companies. How? By creating and growing the next generation of employer brand leaders, managers, and specialists.

That's why Google calls me the  employer brand nerd.

-James Ellis

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