The Power of Credibility—How Emerging Biotechs Can Earn Candidates’ Trust

When it comes to hiring great talent, you may have encountered a common obstacle: Candidates just don’t trust you.

As someone who advises recruiters, leaders and businesses on how to appeal to top talent, I've seen this become a stumbling block for many. Think about someone you’d want to hire in the industry. Whether it's a chief medical officer who can boost your product line to new heights, an experienced product manager who can get you closer to clinical trials or a financial expert who can make investors swoon, these people all have a few things in common. They are rare, they are smart and they are valuable.

This means they also have options—a lot of options.

These people will likely have a direct impact on any company’s bottom line, so the fact that you want to hire them means plenty of other companies would also love to bring them on board.

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