Employer Branding without the Headcount (or hassle)

What would make your work just a little bit easier?

Better hires?
A pipeline of talent?
More effective recruiters?
Happier hiring managers?
Impressed CFO/COOs?
That's what you get with an experienced employer brand pro. (You don't even need headcount!)

🧲 What's the value of increasing your outreach conversion by 10%?
🤝 Or having 20% more of your offers accepted?
💰 Or lowering your RPO/agency spend by 15%?

I bet it’s worth a whole lot more than $1,500 a month. 

Are you feeling the squeeze?

You're told that this year, you'll need to do more with less. But I bet no one told your hiring managers, who are frantic to get their jobs filled.

What you need is a way to make everything you're already doing (and everyone on your team) more effective.

🚀 You need social posts that actually get noticed and clicked on.
🏮 You need job postings that are attractive and compelling.
🧬 You need video content and testimonial quotes that explain why your company is so great.
💪 You need responses to Glassdoor reviews that prove your brand instead of getting defensive.
📈 You need a career site that gets prospects excited.
🏎️ You need your hiring managers trained on social recruiting
🚰 You need a pipeline of great candidates.

That will make your recruiters obviously more effective.

What you need is the impact and value of an experienced employer brand manager, but without the cost or headcount.

Let's talk about what "better hiring" looks like at your company.

Employer branding as a service?

Employer branding is something that can help every company hire better talent more effectively. It's goal is to attract the people worth hiring and not the people you don't. It should make the people your hiring managers wants to talk to want to work there.

But the way it is packaged makes it seem like only the very biggest companies can use it.

So rather than change the ideas of employer branding (building a compelling story around what makes you interesting and different then communicating it across all useful channels), let's change the package, putting it within reach of every company.

Employer brand won't succeed a $50,000-$100,000 "project." But it gets incredibly "sticky" when you think of it as a $2-3,000/mo service or subscription.

A regular and customized supply of employer brand content your team can use all year long.

📦 LinkedIn posts for hiring managers to promote their jobs
📫 LinkedIn posts recruiters can use to promote jobs or build a pipeline
📦 LinkedIn posts for your corporate channel
📫 Images of testimonial quotes from staff
📦 Polished job postings
📫 Outreach messages
📦 CRM sequences
📫 Glassdoor responses
📦 Employee spotlight videos

Every two weeks you'll get branded content like this based on a custom predetermined scope and content plan. We'll only build what you need, but everything you get will be designed to strengthen your employer brand and attract the candidate you want.

But what if I don't have an employer brand?

That isn't an issue. As part of the subscription, the first four weeks will be spent building an actionable employer brand that the rest of the year's content will support and amplify.

This organic approach to your employer brand increases the likelihood that recruiters and hiring managers will understand the brand and use the material being built for them.

What's the process?

Employer Brand Labs was born out of a mission to address two critical issues:

I specialize in helping companies recruit and hire more effectively by re-writing the rules of employer branding. By focusing on "how can employer brand create maximum impact?" I can create better hiring for a dramatically lower cost than typical employer branding.

‍🤖 No AI or ChatGPT will be used to create your content. What you want is human content, because that's what attracts and engages real humans.

This isn't a hiring solution, it's a business solution.

An objectively better process for building employer brands?
Let me show you my process and case studies.

How will I notice the impacts?

First, you'll notice that your materials are aligned. Your job postings talking about ideas that your career site and social content will validate. That alignment increases your credibility among candidates, who will ghost you at a lower rate.

Next, your hiring managers will see a higher quality candidate pool. This iften starts anecdotally, but quickly becomes the norm.

Then, your recruiters and hiring managers will collaborate more closely on messaging and marketing of specific jobs, increasing internal trust and respect for what your team does.

After six months, expect your offer acceptance rate to be significantly higher. At this point, the message that attracted the candidate will be proven and validated over the course of the

After 12 months, your RPO/agency spend will be clearly lower than last year. You might have to ask your finance team to run the reports to see it, but there will be a clear monetary savings, far greater than the cost of the brand work.

What is the time commitment?

The goal is to deliver what you, your team, and your company need to attract and hire great people with the least amount of effort on your part.

Onboarding will take one and a half hours (the time it takes you to complete the onboarding form, and a kickoff meeting). After that, it can be as little as 30 minutes a quarter to touch base, or as much as an hour a month to dive deeper into audience segments and training.

What does it cost?

Every company is different. Their goals and content needs will vary. But for companies with fewer than 2,000 employees, expect to pay as little as $2,250 per month.

The creation of videos and other custom projects are not included, but can be scoped and added to the subscription price, ensuring you never see a massive invoice.

Helping hundreds of companies build and use their employer brands since 2014


But what if I have…
Workday or Greenhouse? Teamtailor or BambooHR? HireEZ or Findem? It doesn’t matter what tech stack you have, this content will increase attraction and engagement. It will draw in more of the applicants your hiring managers actually want to talk to.

What if I care most about…
More applications? Higher quality talent? Higher conversion rates? Increased offer acceptance rates? lowered reliance on agencies? Whatever your most important metric is, content will be built specifically to support it.

What do I say to my CHRO?
The way to get clearly better candidates (and clearly better hires) isn't to spam strangers with the same message every other companies sends. The path to bringing in even better talent is in telling a better story about why your company is unique, getting on people's radar before they start looking for a job, and arming recruiters with compelling messages.

What do I say to my CFO/COO?
Prepare to save some money!

In short

The goal is simple: Deliver tangible, game-changing results for your company, not just a presentation deck with pretty words. It's time to level-up your hiring game with Employer Brand Labs.

Because with a strong employer brand, recruiting gets easier.

What clients have said:

Andrea Matrangolo
Director of Talent and Brand

“Whether you are a talent acquisition professional with an interest in employer brand or an experienced employer brander who is looking for tools to set your organization up for recruiting success. I can guarantee that you will walk away wishing someone had given you these tools years ago.”

Theresa H
Employer Brand Manager

“Thank you James for taking us on this journey. A step-by-step process with the right speed, the right methods and the right focus to find all the valuable insights in its own company. Thank you again, so much appreciated.”

Olivia M.
Human Resources Officer

“110% recommend! We got so much out of it and James was unreal. So patient, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, engaging, all the other great words! It really helped us open our eyes to what was already in front of us and really promote the great things that we offer!”

Rachel S.
Global Employer Brand Manager

“EVP work doesn't have to be overly arduous and expensive; it can be done with your organization's support and guidance from what was learned in this class.”

Isabel Garza
Talent Acquisition Team Leader at Detector Inspector

“The theory side was clear and concise and the homework to follow up helped me understand and apply the concepts learned. I definitely feel much more confident in knowing where to start and I'm now able to present all my findings to our Marketing team to create our EVP.”

Erin Johnson
Director of Global Talent Acquisition at ESO

"This is an amazing tool professionally and personally. It helped broaden my mindset outside of just recruiting and helped me have a bigger point of view for the business."

Hi. I'm James Ellis.

Having spent the better part of a decade developing employer brands and EVPs for Groupon, Roku, Telecare, Enova, Recursion, TradeShift, SavATree, Gearset, CreditShop, and others, I build build and activate companies' employer brand to compete (and win) against anyone.

That's why Google calls me the employer brand nerd.

-James Ellis

Let's take the next step!

Talent strategy is never "off the rack." It is about uncovering and leveraging your unique advantages to hire better. So here are a few ways we can get to know each other.

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You can be an employer not just of "choice," but of desire.

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