The Case for Biotech Employer Branding

While the biotechnology industry is typically quick to adopt new approaches and methodologies, companies have been slow to embrace employer branding as part of their recruiting processes. Most attempt to build the case for working in their company around “saving lives” and “innovation,” as if every single biopharma company doesn’t exist for the same reasons. They talk about how they are an amazing place to work without saying why or to whom they would be seen that way. That is a missed opportunity to establish a brand that attracts the right people.

Simply put, an employer’s brand is the perception of what it’s like to work at a company. If done well, it isolates and amplifies a compelling message to lure top candidates to your place of employment over the thousands of other companies in the space.

In a sector where companies sound and look the same, where they are unable to talk about their scientific approaches with specificity, an employer brand creates clarity and focus around why someone should choose you. Here are five specific reasons that biotech companies eager to hire great talent need to take advantage of this strategy.

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