Best Practice in Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing

My first guest is truly one of a small handful of thought leaders in the Employer Branding space. Before falling in love with the art and craft of employer branding he was a digital marketer with 15 years experience in how audiences think and behave online. Since then, he has taken those skills to become one of employer branding’s leading voices and practitioners. He is also the author of 3 books about Employer Branding Talent Chooses You, and the Employer Branding Handbook vol 1 and 2.In his career, he has worked with dozens of brands from companies of every size and shape like Disney, Target, Regeneron, and many others. As an in-house practitioner, he transformed Groupon's employer brand, reaching Hired's list of strongest employer brands in Chicago.We are very excited to have James Ellis the Employer Branding Nerd on the show.James Ellis Welcome to the 10X Candidate Experience Show.Thanks for being the very first guest on this new Podcast.