A Contrarian's Guide To Better Resumes

What used to work won't get you where you want to go.

I love resumes. I mean, I LOVE resumes. When I'm stressed, I will often jump over to reddit and see who's asking for a resume review and give them notes. Yeah, I'm that kind of weird.

It's New Year's Day, and way too many people in my timeline are looking for their next gig, so I thought it would be useful to write up the lessons I've learned to writing a more effective resume.

Caveat: I don't write "standard" resumes. Professional resume writers tend to argue with my approach because they are trying to make a resume fit in instead of standing out. They want you to look "professional." They follow a model that was effective in 1987 when people had to type their resumes (and cover letters) by hand.

This isn't that.

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