Insider knowledge +
professional-grade tools =
better employer branding

It’s your employer brand.

Kick your heels together, Dorothy.

You already have everything you need to create an employer brand that attracts better talent faster and easier.
Come together and make it happen

You don’t need a stranger to tell you why your company is great.

You just need someone to help you unlock it.

A six weeks step-by-step process of a proven employer brand development process to discover your own employer brand. It taps into something no one else has: your team’s existing tribal knowledge to build an actionable employer brand at a fraction of the price.

As a talent acquisition leader, your success comes when you can unify everyone around one messaging strategy. But comms is focused on the newsletter, marketing is external-facing and trying to win business, and recruiting is screaming for help. It’s time to rally the troops and get them moving forward in the same direction. 

This customized 6-8 week workshop series uses your own company as the focal point. We'll take your collective insider knowledge and together, we'll build your company's employer brand.

Bring together your recruiters, your recruitment marketers, your HRBP, someone from marketing or comms and at the end of the session, you will have an employer brand and a plan on how to activate it. You’ll get everything a consultant delivers, at a fraction of the cost.


Your talent acquisition team (recruiters, leaders, HRBPs, marketers, employer branders, recruitment marketers) are professionally trained in employer branding fundamentals. Then they apply that new skill to building your company's employer brand together.

All for a fraction of what agencies charge.

Why is employer branding important?

🌟 Stand Out from the Crowd: A unique and authentic employer brand resonates with a higher quality of talent. Say goodbye to generic messaging and embrace a brand that truly reflects your company culture and values.

🔍 Attract the Best: Your "We're hiring" posts aren't workingh. Build messaging that reaches the right candidates across multiple channels. Watch as high-caliber professionals flock to your company, eager to be part of your success story.

💼 Retain Your Stars: Engaged employees are the heart of a thriving organization. You’ll build a compelling employee value proposition, fostering loyalty and reducing turnover.

🌐 Dominate Digital Platforms: From captivating career pages to compelling social media campaigns, this will enhance your online presence and captivate talent in the digital landscape.

📈 Elevate Your Bottom Line: Investing in your employer brand isn't just a trend – it's a proven strategy for business success. A strong employer brand attracts top talent, boosts productivity, and fuels innovation.

And in just 6-8 weeks, you and your team will make your recruiting work better, take less time, and build a pipeline of top prospects.

You’d be crazy to let your HRBP build your employer brand. Right?

It’s actually not such a crazy idea. Bringing HR, recruiting, marketing and comms together for a few hours to not just uncover what makes your company a compelling place to work, but it also increases adoption of your brand across the entire company.

Here are some things you’ll learn and do together:

What will my team get out of it?

At the end of the training, everyone will learn the skills and materials to make your employer brand work for you. That includes:

But perhaps more valuably, everyone on the team will be aligned to a brand and strategy they built together. This makes sure that buy-in is baked into the process, increasing the likelihood that your teams adopt and use it.

What is the course?

This is a live-via-Zoom 6-8-week course that walks you through strategy development, collecting the necessary raw material of your employer brand, brand development, and brand activation.

This isn't as abstract or hypothetical exercise. This is workshop that uses your own company as the focal point. We'll take your collective insider knowledge and together, we won't just talk about it. We'll build your company's employer brand.

At the end of the session, you will have an employer brand and a plan on how to activate it.

You’ll get everything a consultant delivers, at a fraction of the cost.

Who is the course for?

This is my favorite question. This course is perfect for companies who feel like they can't afford employer branding. Companies who know they need to be smart and scrappy when they compete against larger and better-resourced companies for talent.

Any company can use this work, but it is perfect for companies with 100-2000 employees, regardless of industry or geography (I’ve had students from New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Croatia, UK, Brazil and Australia).

This process takes advantage of a resource outside consultants and agencies don’t have: an intimate knowledge of your company. It takes your collective insight and turns it into a brand that helps your team hire better.


This class comes with a money-back guarantee. If you and your team attend the classes and do the homework, you’ll have an actionable and effective employer brand or I’ll refund your money.

Let's build your recruiting advantage!

Talent strategy is never "off the rack." It is about uncovering and leveraging your unique advantages to hire better. So here are a few ways we can get to know each other.

How will I know this worked?

A well-built employer brand has any number of positive business outcomes.

The list can go on.

But usually, we think of employer brands as being expensive, something only big agencies and high-priced consultants can do (at prices that start at $40,000) so many companies just… opt out.

And that’s a huge mistake.

Your employer brand, at its core, is giving prospects a compelling and attractive reason to apply. It turns the tables so that instead of chasing talent, talent is chasing you.

Every single part of your recruiting and talent acquisition function gets better with employer branding. Yes, every single part:

More than 93% of students would recommend the class to another senior recruiter, HRBP or employer brander!

Why? I like to think it’s because we’re making a complex idea not just understandable, but 100% actionable.

This class is perfect for the TA leader who understands the potential value of an employer brand or EVP in aligning shrinking recruiting resources to compete for talent against anyone. And win.

Regardless of your industry or company size, this course will put the power of employer branding in your hands.

What if my company isn’t ready for a brand?

In a chaotic business environment companies think they have to "wait until things settle down” (however you define that term) before launching into an employer brand project.

That only makes sense ifyou think that an employer brand project requires a major time commitment from everyone, a huge launch, and a major investment.

But here’s the secret: Things never settles down. Recruiting never gets easier until you make it easier. I promise you that every single company with an admirable employer brand built it while the plane was flying.

Every. Single. One.

And while companies wait for things to settle down (a very long wait, indeed), they are still hiring right now. Hiring is the lifeblood of any successful company: if you can’t hire, you can’t grow. Without an employer brand, hiring is harder, slower, more expensive, and less predictable. And you’re doing it right now.

If you aren’t hiring, you can wait on developing your employer brand.

So here is a rule of thumb: Companies who are hiring need to build their brand now.

How will this class impact my work?

30 days after the class is done, you will:
60 days after the class is done, you will:
90 days after the class is done, you will:

Will it be worth my time?

I’ve been building and activating brands of every size for about a decade. I’ve written three books on the subject, including Employer Brand for Small Business which is a hands-on guide to activating your brand.

That is to say, I am 100% focused on making sure you walk away from this course with a brand for your company and far better prepared to implement it. Perhaps more importantly, This class is designed to make it clear to your company that you are a rock star.

Here’s the overview of the class:

This isn’t a sprint where the information falls out of your head a day or two later. This isn’t a certification where someone says you “know” about employer branding. This is a true workshop, where you will walk away with something valuable, and the knowledge of how to build it for your next employer.

How much time will this take?

We'll design a custom schedule of classes, but anticipate that this will require 60-90 minutes over 6-8 weeks. Everyone will also have homework assignments each week, lasting roughly an hour they can do any time they like.

Can we do this in person?

This course can also be taken as a 2-day live-in-person sprint. Email me at to talk about details and pricing.

Can I afford this?

Recruiting isn’t cheap. Take a look at everything you are doing to attract and engage talent. From your ad spend to your tech stack to your headcount. What would it be worth to make them all 10% better? Now add in cutting your RPO/agency spend by 25%.

These are conservative figures, but I know from experience that a strong employer brand can make them happen.

Finally, as your employer brand strengthens, aligns everyone internally, and helps you attract more of the people you want, it will create a flywheel that generates savings year over year.

All for a class that costs $7,500 - $9,500.

That makes this class is a smart and solid investment.

(Hint: Here’s something you should share with your CFO to help justify the decision.)

This isn't just "a workshop." It is how you will get your company from here to there.

How do I know this will work?

First, you’re using the same model and process I’ve used to build more than a dozen employer brands, from companies like Groupon, Roku, Telecare, Recursion, Tradeshift, etc.

Second, for the last year, students from companies like GoDaddy, Immutable, Omnicell, Mosaic Veterinary Partners, Leaf Group, Swift Medical, and dozens more have gone through the class and walked away with immediately actionable brands.


Andrea Matrangolo
Director of Talent and Brand

“Whether you are a talent acquisition professional with an interest in employer brand or an experienced employer brander who is looking for tools to set your organization up for recruiting success. I can guarantee that you will walk away wishing someone had given you these tools years ago.”

Theresa H
Employer Brand Manager

“Thank you James for taking us on this journey. A step-by-step process with the right speed, the right methods and the right focus to find all the valuable insights in its own company. Thank you again, so much appreciated.”

Olivia M.
Human Resources Officer

“110% recommend! We got so much out of it and James was unreal. So patient, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, engaging, all the other great words! It really helped us open our eyes to what was already in front of us and really promote the great things that we offer!”

Rachel S.
Global Employer Brand Manager

“EVP work doesn't have to be overly arduous and expensive; it can be done with your organization's support and guidance from what was learned in this class.”

Isabel Garza
Talent Acquisition Team Leader at Detector Inspector

“The theory side was clear and concise and the homework to follow up helped me understand and apply the concepts learned. I definitely feel much more confident in knowing where to start and I'm now able to present all my findings to our Marketing team to create our EVP.”

Erin Johnson
Director of Global Talent Acquisition at ESO

"This is an amazing tool professionally and personally. It helped broaden my mindset outside of just recruiting and helped me have a bigger point of view for the business."

Employer branding isn't a magic bullet that only big companies can afford. When you and your team take this course, you'll find ways big and small to work together better and more strategically to hire the people your hiring managers want.

And the best part is that these effects are absolutely within your grasp.

Ready to elevate your recruiting?

Talent strategy is never "off the rack." It is about uncovering and leveraging your unique advantages to hire better. So here are a few ways we can get to know each other.

If you’d like to email me directly with your questions, you can reach me at

I can’t wait to help your company grow!

-James Ellis

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