Talent Acquisition Leader's Guide to Employer Branding

Thirty years on, employer branding remains a curious and ill-fitting aspect of business. Spawned from classic product marketing, it is poorly understood and rarely appropriately utilized. Despite the fact that it is designed to drive better recruiting, there is still a lot of debate over where it should live within the organization.

This leads to a major problem. Because it's value can apply to a lot of different business functions, there is rarely one function championing it. It falls between the cracks to languish.

Which is too bad, because employer branding isn't just Talent Acquisition's nerdy little cousin. It is the salt in the food, changing the its very chemistry. The way that salt makes the water boil hotter, the ice get colder so milk becomes ice cream, and lifeless potatoes become addictive chips, so to employer branding makes every part of TA significantly better.

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