The Employer Brand Mastermind Group

A four-month collaborative program to activate your employer brand strategy.

Nothing cookie-cutter. Nothing off-the-shelf. Nothing off-the-rack.
This is custom talent acquisition strategy that you create.

Leverage your experience within the company and my experience as an employer brander to activate your brand for a fraction of the cost while delivering all the value.

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Employer brand is the force multiplier your company needs to hire better quality talent faster.

The Employer Brand Mastermind is the only program of its kind that helps you build your own employer brand activation plan, designed to make sure you never make a mis-step.

But before I tell you more about the course, let’s talk about who it’s designed for...

The Employer Brand Mastermind is for people who know recruiting and hiring can be better for everyone: recruiters, leaders, hiring managers, and of course candidates.

By embracing employer brand thinking, not only will you help your company develop and execute an effective talent strategy, you’ll be elevating yourself and your reputation.

After this course, you’ll position yourself as an employer brand authority for this job and beyond.

If you are a...

  • Employer brand manager who feels a little stuck in their day-to-day role. Perhaps you need a jump start to come up with surprising activation tactics, or maybe you just need a second set of eyes you can trust to make your activation plan amazing.
  • Employer brand specialist looking to jump into a manager role. Maybe you’ve been launching tactics that don't quite stick and need coaching on how to build a promotion-worthy plan.
  • Senior or lead recruiter who has been tasked with "making our employer brand work" but isn't sure where to start.
  • Someone who completed the EVP Masterclass. This is the perfect next step to turn your EVP into epic projects your company (and your boss) will love.

This group is for you!

The Employer Brand Mastermind will give you the tools, inspiration, and unparalleled support you need to build an effective employer brand.


Over four months, the team will meet for one hour a week, taking turns to share their activation and other professional challenges. Together, we'll brainstorm solutions in a safe space.

You'll also get one hour each month of direct coaching from James.

Each cohort is limited to five attendees so that everyone can get individual attention and support they need to ask better questions, think more creatively, and strategize effectively.

As part of this program, you'll recieve:

  • Frameworks to help you see how your brand compares to other companies, where your employer brand comes from, and how to identify claims that will attract the right talent
  • Playbook/Roadmap template to help you design your activation strategy
  • Employer brand strategy delivery template to help you reveal your new brand with leadership
James Ellis speaking at an event

Hi! I'm James Ellis. (The tall one)

By the end of this program you will have


Brainstormed new employer brand localization and activation ideas with other employer brand practitioners.


Developed a your own sharable playbook/roadmap of tactics that activate your employer brand.


Written your own "traveling employer brand deck" to help develop advocates and allies around the company.


Discovered and learned new ideas and ways of making your employer brand work for you and your leadership.


Gotten an injection of accountability from people who want to see you succeed at work.


Grown your network of other employer brand and recruiting professionals who will be your advisors.

If no one knows why they should work for your company,
no one will.

The truth is, you deserve a strong employer brand. It helps you, it helps recruiters, it helps marketers, it helps hiring managers, it helps business leaders and it helps your candidates.

It doesn't matter if your company is new or old, big or small, cool or a has-been. It doesn't matter if everyone thinks your company is a place to avoid.

There is a lid for every pot. And you have everything you need to make all the pieces fit. I can't wait to show you how.

-James Ellis

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Ready to tap into your employer brand?

A strong and clear employer brand:
📍 Attracts candidates and applications
📍 Increases recruiter response rates
📍 Increases candidate quality
📍 Supports your corporate and consumer brand
📍 Encourages employee advocacy
📍 Increases referral rates
📍 Isn't just for "big" companies

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