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You don't learn recruiting, talent acquisition, and employer branding.
You learn it over a lifetime.
That's why I started Employer Brand Headlines in 2019.

Doing great employer branding work requires seeing the talent acquisition space in 360 degrees, and looking to outside thinkers for insight and inspiration. Understanding corporate politics, workplace culture, DEI, marketing, advertising, content creation, social media, recruiting, sourcing, and any number of other subjects.

Whether you're an employer brand professional, a recruiter, HRBP, or a marketer, you'll get a lot out of Employer Brand Headlines.

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Employer brand is your people's "why" expressed to the larger world.
It is why people work well together, driving company growth.
It is why great people ask you about open roles.It is why more candidates say, "yes!" to your offers.

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Hi. I'm James Ellis.

Having spent the better part of a decade developing employer brands and EVPs for Groupon, Roku, Enova, Recursion, TradeShift, SavATree, Gearset, CreditShop, and others, I focus exclusively on helping companies build and activate their employer brand so that they can compete (and win) against much larger companies. How? By creating and growing the next generation of employer brand leaders, managers, and specialists.

That's why Google calls me the employer brand nerd.

Employer Brand Labs, LLC

EBL is dedicated to bringing the power and value of employer branding to every single company, regardless of size, industry, or region.

You can be an employer not just of "choice," but of desire.

If you're ready to start attracting great talent to you instead of chasing it, reach out.
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