What's the difference between a good recruiter and a great one?

You know who they are:
⭐ The ones who attract more good fits to their open reqs.
⭐ The ones who get more offer acceptances with less drama.
⭐ The ones who are always in demand.

It's not because they know how to run effective intake meetings, how to find and connect with prospects, how to manage hiring manager expectations, or how to get candidates excited about a role. Every good recruiter does that.

So what is the secret great recruiters use to get the best matches to fall in love with the role?

The best recruiters know how to tap the power of their company's employer brand.

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It isn't magic, though it might look like it from the outside.

It's by understanding what your company's employer brand is and how you can use it to make better decisions day-to-day. This isn't about changing how you recruit, but how to access and use your employer brand to focus your messages and see obvious results.

This on-demand video course is designed specifically for recruiters who are ready to step up their game, recruiters who want to tap into the power of employer brand to achieve more: More quality leads, more pipeline, and more offer acceptances.

Learn at your own pace, either by watching a session at lunch, or by binging over a weekend. At $450, this is the fastest way to level up your recruiting game.

Your employer brand is your unfair advantage when you recruit, provided you know how to use it.

I've been working with recruiters and talent acquisition leaders for almost a decade, building employer brands and EVPs for multinationals and startups of almost every stripe.

But over the last year, I've noticed that there's a gap between what employer brand teams are delivering and what recruiters want to succeed. They just tend to think about problems in very different ways. Where employer brand tends to think in somewhat abstract concepts at a 30,000-foot view, recruiters demand concrete tactics to make an impact.

This course closes that gap. Think of it like learning for to read a satellite weather map so you know what time it will rain wherever you are standing.

What you'll walk away with

This course isn't just abstract ideas. As you can see from out the course outline below, it takes big ideas about what employer brand is and turns them into actionable tactics in short order. 

At the end of the course, you'll not only have a firm understanding of employer branding and how to use it to attract and engage great talent, you'll have defined your own brand, localized it so that it properly speaks to and resonates with your audience, built a small library of lines that will get more prospects to open your messages and respond, the tactics that get more people to accept your offers, and tools to ensure that your hiring manager becomes a trusted partner in your efforts.

Course outline (10 sections)

  • Intro [1 video with text]
  • Defining some problems you're facing [2 videos, 1 with text]
  • What is an employer brand (really)? [2 videos, 1 with text, plus 1 exercise]
  • What is your employer brand (and how to find it)? [2 videos, 1 with text, plus 1 exercise]
  • How to localize your own brand [2 videos, 1 with text, plus 1 exercise]
  • Working with the brand: Outreach [2 videos, 1 with text, plus 1 exercise]
  • Working with the brand: Conversations [2 videos, 1 with text]
  • Working with the brand: Offer-stage [2 videos, 1 with text]
  • Putting it all together [2 videos, 1 with text, plus 1 exercise]
  • Wrap up [1 video with text]

How to justify this program to your boss

Dear boss,

I'm interested in attending a class that I believe will help me be a transformative recruiting leader in our organization. "Employer Branding For Recruiters" is designed to teach me how to use our employer brand to level up my ability to attract and close talent.

The company has already invested a great deal of money in an employer brand/EVP, but this class will help me activate it to my target audiences.

It costs $450 for the on demand video courses, which I should be able to complete in less than four weeks on my own time. After which, I should be able to better build talent pipelines with higher quality candidates faster, and increase my offer acceptance rate.

Thank you for considering this request for additional training. If I'm given the opportunity to attend, I feel confident that I'll be able to share all I've learned with the rest of the team.

What to expect

This class consists of 18 videos over 10 sections that will cover topics like what is employer branding, how to know what your company's employer brand or EVP is, how to localize that brand to the target audiences you're recruiting for, how to inject the brand into your existing workflow, when it makes sense to reference it with a candidate, and lots more.

Each video will come with a written module (some people prefer to read, some prefer to watch and listen) covering the same material. Included are exercises and activities so you can walk away with tons of notes and actions to take at work.

While we cover some of the high-level basics at the beginning, the goal is to get you to tactics as soon as possible, because that's where you're going to find the most benefit.

Why should you listen to me?

I've worked with recruiters for almost a decade, helping them understand their employer brand and turn it into something that made their jobs better. I've worked in-house at big and small companies, but also consulted for startups and tech unicorns.

I've written two books, have a five-year podcast (220+ episodes) and a three-year newsletter (155+ editions) all about employer branding. I am regularly quoted in industry trades and guest on podcasts and webinars all the time. I love this stuff, and I hope I can get you to see how useful it will be in your day-to-day work.

James Ellis, employer brand nerd, speaking
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James Ellis, Employer brand nerd

Hi. I'm James Ellis, the employer brand nerd.

I've spent almost a decade helping companies attract and hire better talent faster via employer branding. That includes a lot of time working side-by-side with amazing recruiters and sourcers. I saw their challenges first-hand, which inspired me to design this course to help them achieve more, get promoted and get their own dream job.

That's why Google calls me the employer brand nerd.

Ready to tap into your employer brand?

A strong and clear employer brand:
📍 Attracts candidates and applications
📍 Increases recruiter response rates
📍 Increases candidate quality
📍 Supports your corporate and consumer brand
📍 Encourages employee advocacy
📍 Increases referral rates
📍 Isn't just for "big" companies

If you're ready to see how employer branding can help you compete for talent against anyone, just fill out the form.

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