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Hi. I'm James Ellis, the employer brand nerd.

I've been helping companies of every shape and size understand their own employer brand and how to leverage it to attract and retain great talent.

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Employer Brand Manifesto (2022)
How to Think About Your EVP
The CMO's Guide to Employer Brand
Employer Branding T.I.P S05Ep.6 | “Better”, not “More”
July 12, 2022
We talked about some of the core challenges associated with the employer brand function, but also about #myths, #storytelling, human-centric #EVP, and a lot more.
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Disrupting Recruitment with Bradley DiPaolo
June 1, 2022
In this episode of Disrupting Recruitment, we have none other than James Ellis, the Employer Brand Nerd. We talk about saffron, his views on employer branding, how to differentiate, his $400 employer branding campaign and sidewalk chalk.
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Chad & Cheese Podcast - Recruitment Marketing: You Know You Want It
May 4, 2022
Employment branding is hotter than ever. However, as our special guest James Ellis, host of The Talent Cast podcast and senior manager at Recursion says, "We're all just figuring it out as we go along."
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Employer Brand Manifesto (2022)
April 12, 2022
Employer branding isn’t the new kid in town anymore. After hype and promise, we’re in danger of being relegated to a party trick TA does when it runs out of ideas. But you and I know that employer branding is magic. It is the catalyst for changing the way companies think about their people.
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The Shape of Work Podcast - James Ellis on Employer Branding
December 3, 2021
On this episode of The Shape of Work podcast, our guest is James Ellis or should we call him 'Alton Brown of Employer Branding'? In this wit, energy, and humour-filled conversation we discuss Employer branding: what, how, and everything in between.
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Talent Blazers Podcast - James Ellis on why honesty and imperfect video content is an employer branding game changer
November 22, 2021
''We can't all be the best place to work, but be the best place for whom and in what way? The future is completing that sentence. When you're honest, candidates are forced to be honest too.''
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Talking narcissistic brands with James Ellis
November 12, 2021
Why do brands talk about themselves more than they think about their customers or candidates? It’s an important question, especially for the employer branding world.
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Employer Branding: Thinking Quality Over Quantity in Recruiting
November 2, 2021
What does good employer branding look like? And what can great employer branding do for your recruitment outcomes?
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Best Practice in Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing
November 2, 2021
Before falling in love with the art and craft of employer branding he was a digital marketer with 15 years experience in how audiences think and behave online. Since then, he has taken those skills to become one of employer branding’s leading voices and practitioners.
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Christina Talks Podcast with Christina Robinson
September 27, 2021
In this episode, Christina talks with James about the journey of employer branding, why it’s so important, and what we can all learn from it.
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Best Practices Are for Suckers
August 31, 2021
When I say something is a “best practice,” what do you think I mean?
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Why Leaders Must Understand the Importance of #EmployerBranding
August 9, 2021
Over the last 12 years, thanks to social media, I have had the privilege of meeting a myriad of amazing marketing, branding, customer experience, leadership, and social media experts. One of these experts is James Ellis from Chicago.
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